How to Determine The Sex of Your Parakeet

By Cuteness Contributor

So you've brought home a little parakeet to add to your family, and it is time to name it. But what "is it"!? What is the sex of your parakeet? Is your parakeet a male or female is it going to be Sarah or a Tom? There are several small clues that help you determine the sex of your parakeet.

You can tell the gender of your parakeet based on the color of the cere. The cere is the area of skin right above your parakeets beak, and varies between the males and females of the species.

Look at the cere of your parakeet

On a female parakeet the cere can range from a white/light blue color to a pale tan. When the female is ready to mate, the cere may become a dark brown and become flaky.

Beautiful parakeet

On a male parakeet, the cere will be a blue or a purplish-blue color. When it comes to parakeets, blue really is for boys.

Handling your parakeet

Keep in mind that these rules do not apply to parakeets under one year of age. Until a parakeet is about one year old, the cere of male and female parakeets are the same color, a bright pink or soft purple.

In addition to the differences between cere, male and female parakeets have variations in disposition. Male parakeets often sing more, are more outgoing, and will bob their heads. The female parakeet is often more reserved and territorial, sing less, and tend to make a loud squawking "angry" parakeet sound.