What Is the Difference Between a Red-Nose Pit Bull and a Blue-Nose Pit Bull?

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The main difference between a blue nose and a red nose pitbull is the color of the nose.
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As the name of the breed implies, pit bulls are crosses between bulldogs and terriers. When the dogs were brought to America from England, Scotland, and Ireland, they proved to be versatile dogs who served to drive cattle and livestock, hunt, and be faithful family companions. The main difference between a blue nose and a red nose pitbull is the color of the nose. While they may come from different breeding lines, they are both members of the same breed with the same characteristics and standards.


American pitbull terrier physical characteristics

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The American Kennel Club does not recognize the American pit bull terrier breed, but the United Kennel Club (UKC) does. Pit bulls have a powerful and muscular build. Male dogs grow 18 to 21 inches tall and weigh 35 and 60 pounds while female grow 17 to 20 inches and weigh 30 and 50 pounds.

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Pitbulls have a short, straight, shiny coat that may be nearly any color. The only exceptions under the breed standard include albino and merle. Their eyes may be any color except for blue and their nose may be any color.

Whether an American pit bull terrier has a red nose or a blue nose, he is still a pit bull, not a separate breed. Having a red or blue nose doesn't mean the pit bull is rare, although some breeders may emphasize this and imply the coloring is a special type of pit. Beware of these breeders.


American red nose pitbull

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While most dogs are bred for performance, breeding may also emphasize certain physical characteristics such as coat or nose color. The Old Family Red Nose is one of the best-known lineages of pit bull. While the line wasn't bred for color or appearance but rather for gameness, the red color was passed down as well.


A red nose pit has a red or pink nose. They will often have amber eyes, red toenails, and a red coat, but it is possible for pit bulls of other colors to have a red nose.

Blue American pitbull terrier

A blue nose pitbull typically grey nose and a deep blue-grey coat color. As with the red nose pitbull, the coat color may vary. It is unclear where the blue color originated or if it was created intentionally. There isn't a well-known lineage for blue pits as there is for the red nose pit. Regardless of the color of the pitbull's nose or coat, pit bulls have similar temperaments which may vary for individual dogs.



American pitbull terrier temperament

Although breed is not a reliable indicator of an individual dogs' personality, in general, pit bulls are intelligent, affectionate, and eager to please. Unfortunately, some breeders have bred them, against their nature, to be combative with other dogs.


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Without proper socialization, aggression towards other animals is a concern. Their prey drive is a concern if you have cats or other small animals in the household. Supervision is recommended when the dog is around children. They can also be territorial and overprotective. Make sure to socialize and train these dogs when they are young and use plenty of positive reinforcement.

Pitbulls need plenty of exercise and play. Brush the dogs twice per week and check his ears for redness or other signs of infection.



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