What Is the Difference Between a Parti Yorkie & a Regular Yorkie?

Yorkshire terriers are sweet, energetic and oh-so-adorable, but did you know there's a type of Yorkie called a Parti Yorki?

Closeup Portrait Happy Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Showing tongue, Isolated Black
A Parti Yorkie has three colors: brown, black and white
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The American Kennel Club recognizes the Yorkshire terrier as a spirited little dog who weighs up to 7 pounds. According to the breed standard, a fully grown Yorkie is two colors: a dark steel blue and tan (or brown and black, for those who don't speak dog breed language). But people have come to also love a new color combination: blue and tan and white. The unique tri-colored Parti Yorki was recognized as a classification of the Yorkshire terrier in 2000, much to the delight of yorkie enthusiasts everywhere.

Yorkshire Terrier Dog Sticking Its Tongue Out
A Yorkie is affectionate and energetic, one of the most popular dog breeds!
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Yorkshire terrier puppies are born black and tan, growing into their blue and tan pattern as they mature. However, the recessive Parti gene is where that white coloring comes from. Parti Yorkies aren't a new or separate breed from regular yorkshire terriers, just a unique combination of colors. According to Yorkie Mag, any two dogs bred with the Parti gene will have puppies that may present in three colors.

The Parti coloring was first recognized in the 1980s when a show breeder refused to destroy tri-colored puppies, even though they could not be registered as Yorkshire terriers at the time. The legacy of these dogs live on in the beautiful Parti Yorkies today.

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Ready to play!
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No matter how many colors are in the Yorkshire terrier's coat, this pup will require requiring daily grooming to maintain a show coat. A puppy clip is a little less work, but requires regular visits to the groomer.