The Differences Between English & British Bulldogs

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The bulldog has an average life expectancy between 8 and 10 years.
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You can call him English, British, or just plain bulldog -- it's all the same when you're talking about the sturdy dog that's part of the American Kennel Club's non-sporting group. The bulldog's easygoing, friendly personality make it easy to understand this guy's appeal, earning him the fourth spot of the AKC's fourth most popular breed.

Bulldog Evolution

Looking at today's bulldog, it's hard to believe this stout fellow was considered a ferocious dog hundreds of years ago, back when he was used to hold a bull by the nose for breeding or castration. Back then the bulldog was a taller dog, but his appearance began to change in 19th century England after dogfighting was displaced by dog shows. The bulldog began to be bred more for show, resulting in the thick, low profile he has today.

His personality evolved as well, changing from the aggressive nature required for his early job to the courageous yet gentle temperament he possesses today. In fact, the bulldog's changed so much he's a great choice for a family dog due to his affectionate nature. His stubborn side makes him a challenge to train, but when he decides to embrace his lessons, he won't disappoint -- repetition, treats and praise will help the process along.