How to Dissolve Dog Poop

During winter, it's not always possible to go outdoors in the cold and scoop up after your dog, especially when it's snowing and the poop is freezing to the ground as fast as it is passed. Once spring arrives and the snow and ice begin to melt, you may find your yard is covered with piles of dog poop. Then it's time to get to work disposing of it. Dissolving it is one option.


Step 1

Wait for the first snow to clear and pick up the still-frozen poop while it is firm.

Step 2

Place the poop in a container with a lid. Use either a free-standing container marketed specifically for the purpose or a plastic bucket. These work like miniature septic tanks.

Step 3

Add digestive enzyme powder or tablets to the bucket. These powders or tablets are available from most online pet supply companies that sell canine septic systems. Pour in some water and leave it to dissolve.

Step 4

Water the yard with a high-speed sprayer to dissolve any remaining poop.

Step 5

Powdered or pelletized lime is available as a lawn fertilizer in the garden section of most home improvement stores. Pour a small amount of lime on the ground from where the poop was removed. The lime dissolves what poop is left and helps to eliminate any remaining odor.