DIY Bird Cages

By Julie Richards

Bird breeders need plenty of cages for separating parents or newly hatched babies. Prefabricated cages are desirable but expensive. Do-it-yourself bird cages are inexpensive to make and allows you to build a cage to your specific size needs. Built from wire mesh, DIY bird cages are strong enough to hold a nesting box. You can easily clean and sterilize wire mesh cages. The construction makes the cages light-weight and portable. You can even stack the cages for quick storage.


Step 1

Cut four square pieces of wire mesh, 18 inches by 18 inches. Use the wire cutters to the wire as close to a weld as possible. Wear gloves and goggles to protect yourself from scratches.

Step 2

Lay two of the cut pieces of wire mesh directly on top of each other, on a flat surface. Notice the wire from the top piece matches up with the wire on the bottom piece. Insert a j-clip into the j-clip pliers and wrap the j-clip around the outer two wires of the mesh pieces. Use one j-clip at the top and another at the bottom of the mesh pieces.

Step 3

Connect one entire side of the top piece of wire mesh to the bottom piece by wrapping the j-clips around the outer edge wires, every 6 inches. The result is the wire mesh pieces opens like a book. Set the connected wire mesh pieces aside.

Step 4

Join the other two sections of wire mesh in the same manner as the first two. Stand the four sides together to form an open-end box. Use the j-clips to secure all four sides together.

Step 5

Cut two sections of wire mesh for the top and bottom of the bird cage. Each section should be 18 inches by 18 inches. Lay the top on the open-end wire mesh box. Fasten the top to the box using the j-clips to join the ends to the sides. Repeat the process to attach the bottom to the cage.

Step 6

Cut a 6 inch by 6 inch opening in the middle of one of the cage sides, using the wire cutters. Cut a piece of wire mesh that is slightly larger than the 6 inch opening. Line up the top of the larger piece with the top of the opening. Attach the piece to the cage using the j-clips. The "door" flips up when attached at the top. If you prefer to have the door flip down, attach the edges to the bottom of the opening.

Step 7

Attach a 3 inch piece of wire to each end of a coil spring. Twist one end of the wire onto the bottom of the cage door. Form the other attached wire into a hook so it grabs the wire mesh of the cage and keeps the door closed.