How Do You Know If Your Maltese Dog Is Pregnant?

It is not always easy to determine if your Maltese is pregnant, as there aren't any fool-proof at-home pregnancy tests for dogs as there are for humans. With a watchful eye and help from animal professionals, however, it is possible to know if your Maltese is expecting.


Step 1

Look at your Maltese's stomach. states that a Maltese's stomach will quickly swell once she becomes pregnant.

Step 2

Examine your Maltese's vulva. According to, your dog's vulva will swell when she goes into heat. If the swelling never fully goes down after she has come out of heat, it is likely she is expecting.

Step 3

Take your Maltese to a veterinarian. The doctor can usually detect a pregnancy based on abdomen palpation, as well as radiographs and ultrasounds. According to, the doctor can feel swollen placental sites if the Maltese is pregnant, and she can see the puppies with x-rays and ultrasounds.

Step 4

Note the size of your Maltese's nipples. states that a Maltese's nipples will swell about 50 days into pregnancy.

Step 5

Pay attention to the size of your Maltese's appetite. All dogs will typically eat more when they are expecting.

Step 6

Touch your Maltese's abdomen. About 50 days after conception, it is possible to feel puppies moving in the Maltese's tummy, according to

Step 7

Look for any nesting behavior. Just as in humans, Maltese dogs will prepare for their new babies by preparing their homes for birth. Supply her with blankets and a whelping box where she can rest and get ready for the big day.