How Do I Know If My Parakeet Is Going to Lay Eggs?

By Jeanne Dober

A female parakeet usually starts laying eggs during the spring and will lay eggs with or without a mate. You can tell if your parakeet is a female by looking closely at the beak. Female parakeets usually have pink or brown beaks, while males have blue beaks. Your female parakeet will usually start mating with the male at any time after she is 6 months old. She will continue to lay eggs and mate with her chosen mate for her entire life.

Watch your parakeets for signs of the female wanting to lay an egg. She will start to tear up the newspaper at the bottom of the cage to make a nest. She will also sit in the bottom of the cage for periods of time instead of sitting on the perches like she normally does.

Observe the female parakeet in the cage. If she is sitting on the floor of the cage and straining then she is trying to lay an egg. If she does this for more than a few hours, you should take her to an avian veterinarian.

Place a breeding box in the parakeet's cage. The female parakeet will become protective of the breeding box and arrange the newspaper or pine shavings to her liking before she lays the egg. Her mate will help her to arrange the bedding.