How Do S-Hooks Work for Pet Tags?

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An S-hook is part of your pet's identification tag -- it's the wire piece that holds the tag securely to a collar. Attaching the tag to the collar is simple with an S-hook, as long as you have a pair of pliers. Properly secured, the S-hook ensures that your pet's tag or tags will not detach from the collar.

A basic S-hook like the one on your dog's collar.
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Using S-Hooks

S-Hooks are simple to apply. You will need a pair of pliers to put your dog or cat's tags on his collar.

  • Hook one end of an S-hook around the metal ring attached to your pet's collar.
  • Gently squeeze the same end of the S-hook with pliers until the tip closes into a loop.
  • Place your pet's tag or tags on the other end of the S-hook. Position the tags so that they will face forward on the collar, which will make them easier to read when the dog's wearing it.
  • Use the pliers to squeeze this end of the S-hook closed. The S-hook will resemble an 8 more than it resembles an S. The top half of the hook should be attached to the collar, the bottom half should be looped securely around the tags.

Make sure the hooked ends of the S-hook are squeezed completely closed or your tags might slip off the hook.

To open the loops of a closed S-hook, pry them open with pliers -- needle-nose pliers may be most useful.