How Do I Wake Up My Sleeping Bearded Dragon?

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Bearded dragons take frequent naps.

Bearded dragons are friendly, docile, large lizards that are among the most popular reptile pets. Though they are diurnal, which means they are primarily active during the day, they tend to take frequent naps. Bearded dragon owners may need to wake their lizards up from naps for a number of reasons, including to clean the cage, to administer medication or to check on sick bearded dragons. Waking these animals up is generally very easy.


Step 1

Rattle the lid of the cage. Bearded dragons are sensitive to sound vibrations and frequently awaken when their is commotion in their cages.

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Step 2

Spray your bearded dragon's tail with a water bottle. Avoid spraying its face, which can be jarring and provoke aggressive behavior. In rare cases, spraying its face can cause respiratory problems. Spraying a bearded dragon's tail, however, typically is very effective not only at waking it up but getting it to be alert.


Step 3

Feed your bearded dragon. Food items that require your lizard to actively hunt like crickets are the best choice for waking your lizard up and keeping it up. Avoid giving your bearded dragon crickets until it is fully awake. Crickets occasionally chew on lizard's skin, which can cause skin infections and other illnesses.

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