White German Shepherd: Price, Characteristics & Puppies

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White German shepherds are a mutation of the regular breed.

The white German shepherd, also known as the white Alsatian, or white shepherd, is a mutation of the regular German shepherd dog breed. The recessive gene that produces the white fur on this breed was introduced into the gene pool in Germany during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. A dog named Geif, a white German herding dog, was the grandfather of Horand von Grafrath, the dog recognized as the foundation of all contemporary German shepherd breeds.


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The gene for white fur in white German shepherd puppies passed down from the grandfather continued through the bloodline, causing the recessive gene to randomly produce white German shepherds. The German shepherd puppy cost is typically $750 to $1000 but may be higher or lower depending on the breeder.

White German shepherd characteristics

Basically, the white German shepherd is just a pure-white or cream-colored version of the German shepherd. They are known for their thick white coats which are a result of a recessive gene in one of the parent dogs. The coat may appear slightly longer at the neck, especially in males. The undercoat is short, thick, and finely textured. An ideal coat color is pure white, though the colors range from a very light cream color to a less desirable light tan color.


White German shepherds have strong, muscular builds without any bulk. The ears are pointed and erect. The tail hangs low and stays in a slightly curved position. The silhouette of the white German shepherd is curvy rather than angled. The outer coat is dense, short, straight, and water-resistant. The nose is always predominantly black, otherwise the dog is disqualified from the show ring.

Female German shepherds grow 22 to 24 inches tall and weigh 50 to 70 pounds. Male dogs are larger, growing 24 to 26 inches tall and weighing 65 to 90 pounds. This breed is a member of the American Kennel Club's herding group.


White German shepherd temperament & training

White German shepherds have the same personality and temperament as regular German shepherds. They are loyal, protective dogs that display confidence. They are fearless and attentive, but not aggressive. They exhibit playfulness and curiosity in most situations. They adapt to whatever is needed in a situation, such as guarding, guiding, or herding. Some of them can be very vocal and may whine, moan, or howl often.

They are heavy shedders, especially during summer months.

These canines can be good companions if raised in the right atmosphere. They are great family dogs, and they tend to be very good with kids. They are intelligent and eager to please which makes them a joy to train. Be sure to use positive reinforcement and stay consistent.


White German shepherd grooming

Though not as high-maintenance as some other long-haired dogs, white German shepherds still shed heavily, especially during warmer seasons. It is best to brush them at least two times a week, or more, when the shedding is excessive.

Bathing will depend on the dog and his activities. Dogs that are outside more often may need bathing on a regular basis, whereas less active dogs can be bathed once a month or as needed. Aside from maintaining the coat, you'll also need to keep the dog's nails trimmed and teeth cleaned.


White German shepherd exercise & health

This breed is very athletic, so they need regular walks and a designated place to run. A lack of exercise can cause behavior problems.

German shepherds are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia. Degenerative myelopathy may also be a concern. Responsible breeders will perform health testing to ensure the breeding dogs and puppies are healthy. As with other large breeds, the dogs are more likely to suffer bloat.

White German shepherd puppies

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Female white German shepherd puppies weigh 19 and 26.3 pounds at three months of age and grow to 35.2 to 49.1 pounds at six months. Male puppies weigh 25.1 and 31.5 pounds at three months and 46.8 to 58.9 pounds at six months. The dogs reach their full size at 16 to 19 months.


Puppies that are bred to be pets or companions will usually cost less than puppies that are bred as show-quality. If you find white German shepherd puppies for sale, in general, you can expect to pay $750 to $1,000 as of 2021. However, this can vary and some kennels charge more. At Lacy Farm, for example, the white German shepherd price is $1,500 for a puppy or $2,500 for a fully registered puppy.

When purchasing a puppy, first consider the conditions the puppy was bred in and the price second. Buying puppies from puppy mills, or poorly kept kennels, for a cheaper price increases the chance that your dog will have poor health, a bad temperament, and behavioral problems. It's best to buy from reputable breeders to avoid these problems.