What Do Wild Geckos Eat?

By Adam Tavangaran

A gecko is a small lizard that belongs to the Gekkonidae family. There are over 900 species of gecko and they are found in warm climates around the world. In the wild, geckos spend the majority of their time hunting for food. Their typical diet consists of a number of different insects.



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Crickets are the most common food for all species of gecko since they are so abundant in the wild.



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Like crickets, cockroaches are often consumed by geckos because they are plentiful in the wild and cannot defend themselves against the gecko's bite or agility.

Other Geckos

Other smaller geckos may be eaten.

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The Tokay gecko, which is known for having a painful bite, can feed on other smaller geckos in the wild when it gets the chance.


Worms may be fed on.

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Wild geckos feed on other small Invertebrates such as worms and beetles when crickets and cockroaches are not around.


Geckos may eat pollen also.

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Geckos can survive off eating nectar, pollen and papaya when insects or other deckos don't present themselves.