Dog Broken Leg Symptoms

Your canine companion's bones can break from a direct impact, such as getting hit by a car or from rough play and jumping. Broken bones are obvious in some cases, like if you see bones poking through your canine's skin. Smaller incomplete fractures, which are more common in younger dogs, aren't as visible, however. You'll probably know it if your furry friend breaks a leg, no matter how small the fracture, as he'll likely show several signs.

injured dog
He'll most likely hold up the leg that is bothering him.
credit: diverroy/iStock/Getty Images

Symptoms to Watch For

If your pooch whines when you pet him, pick him up or while he's walking around, it could be a sign of a bone injury. Swelling, bruising, limping or holding up a leg are other signs of trauma. If your buddy is in a lot of pain, he might not be able to walk at all. While you'll need to get your beloved chum to the vet right away, these signs don't always mean that his leg is broken. Torn or strained muscles, ligaments and tendons also cause similar symptoms.

What to Do

You might need to slip a muzzle on your pooch so he does not nip you or your vet. Splint a potential broken leg with a sturdy object, such as a rolled up newspaper, and wrap it with gauze to hold it in place. If your fur pal is howling in pain, don't force a splint on him. Just get him in for immediate medical treatment or call your vet to your house.