Where Does Your Dog Potty When There's a Blizzard?

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Be savvy when it comes to your pet's indoor potty choices.
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Frightful weather usually calls for days of hiding away cozily in the toasty warmth of your home. When Buster has to go to potty, though, things sometimes get tough. Not only can it be hazardous for dogs to go outdoors during blizzards, some of them flat out refuse to walk in inclement conditions -- and understandably.


Indoor Options

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Instead of putting your pooch in a potentially perilous situation outdoors in the blizzard, make sure that he has a couple of indoor bathroom options that he's comfortable with, whether he has to go number one or two. Some examples include absorbent housebreaking pads and canine litter boxes equipped with artificial grass. Both of these provide your pet with safe and practical places to eliminate -- without ever having to walk out the front door.

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Even if the notion of blizzards and freezing cold weather seem a million miles away to you, preparing your pet to use these indoor bathroom options is a smart and practical idea. The last thing you want is your pooch giving you a puzzled look after you carefully place the housetraining pads on the floor. Whether it's July, November or anywhere between, make sure your dog is well-versed in how to proceed with his winter potty backup plans. If your pet is still a puppy, begin this training immediately.


Risks of Going Outdoors

If you're in the middle of a serious blizzard, never assume that going outside is "fine" or will be "all right." Aggressive bursts of wind are one of the main problems with blizzards, and some of them are so intense that they can literally blow canines away, even if the little guys were only meant to be outside for a minute. If an electrical line falls to the ground, you want your pet as far away from it as possible. From random things flying through the winds to slippery ice and the lack of visibility of heavy snow, play it safe for your cutie's sake.


Indoor Exercise

Not only can blizzards be frustrating for allowing dogs to go potty outside, they can also prevent them from being able to receive their normal -- and necessary -- outdoor daily exercise. Bad weather shouldn't come between your pet and his fitness. Whether you play a spirited game of hide-and-seek with your dog in your living room or enjoy a session of "tug of war" in the den, your furry buddy has to get his activity in.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.



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