English Bulldog Ear Cleaning

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English bulldogs are lovable creatures, and their unique faces and animated personalities are among their adorable attributes. While wonderful to have, English bulldogs do come with a set of health problems, ranging from breathing issues to allergies. With those allergies, ear infections seem to occur. In order to take the best possible care of your English bulldog, you will need to know how to properly clean his ears.


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The Right Cleanser

There are many ear cleansers available at the pet stores and through your veterinarian. Finding the one that works best for your English bulldog may take some time. Usually, it depends on what kind of ear infection your pet has that determines which cleaner will work best. The most common ear infection that affects English bulldogs is a yeast infection. This is typically because many bulldogs have allergies and the ear makes excess wax when it is fighting those allergens. Yeast thrives in that debris and moisture and causes an infection. Cleansers that ward off yeast the best usually include vinegar or alcohol. DermaPet is a good cleanser for yeast infections and is available through your veterinarian. If you want to make your own, try mixing 16 ounces of isopropyl alcohol with 16 drops of gentian violet solution (1 percent) and 4 tablespoons of boric acid powder. This cleanser usually works well on yeast infections.


The Proper Method

Depending upon your English bulldog, you may want to enlist the help of someone when you clean your dog's ears. If your dog's ears are painful, she may try to get away from you or even attempt to bite. It is important that you and your dog's safety are considered. If you feel she may misbehave, ask a friend to help or take her to the veterinarian.


To clean the ears, pour the cleanser into the canal until it starts to come back out. If your dog will cooperate, allow the cleanser to sit in the canal for some time, in order to make good contact with the canal. If possible, have your dog lay on her side while you are doing this to get even more contact. Using your thumb and pointer finger, massage the base of the ear. The goal is to work up any debris that you can. If your dog wants to shake her head, you can allow that. That will only help bring up the discharge. Using a large cotton ball or square, gently remove any material that has come up. Do not use a cotton-tipped applicator in any of the parts of the ear that you cannot see. It is recommended that you only use them to clean the folds in the ear flaps. Repeat this process until debris stops coming up. If the ear is infected, apply the medication now. Make sure to remove all of the pieces of cotton that you have used.


It is a good idea to clean your English bulldog's ears once a week as a preventative measure. You may also want to clean the ears whenever moisture gets into them, such as after taking a bath or going for a swim. Since many bulldogs have allergies, this preventative ear care may be a life-long commitment.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.



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