How to Feed Parakeets With Wild Bird Food

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Things You'll Need

  • Wild bird seed

  • Parakeet bird feed

  • Fruits

  • Vegetables

  • Grains

Good nutrition is important for parakeets.

Parakeets are social birds that make wonderful pets for families with children. Like any pet, families often wonder what to feed them. There are several options in the stores, including wild bird seeds and foods. Wild bird feed is slightly different from the parakeet-specific foods available in pet stores, so here are some helpful rules to follow when feeding a parakeet a wild bird food diet.

Step 1

Give the parakeet a well-balanced diet. Parakeets need more than just seeds; they need fruits and vegetables as well. A well-balanced diet includes fruits, vegetables, seeds and some grains.

Step 2

Check on food daily. Parakeets often leave the husks in the feeding bowl, so the food should be changed daily to avoid accidentally starving the parakeet.


Step 3

Give wild bird seeds or foods as a treat. Parakeets will not be harmed by wild bird seeds if they are offered in moderation. Wild bird seeds do not have the same standards of nutrition as parakeet feeds, so they should only be used as a treat. They are often full of fat, which can be harmful when consumed on a daily basis.

Step 4

Ensure that high fat seeds, like sunflower seeds, are not a staple of the parakeet's diet. Wild bird seeds will often have sunflower seeds or similar seeds that are too high in fat for a parakeet to eat regularly.

Step 5

Add vitamins to seeds that are not specifically for parakeets. Parakeet seeds and foods are made with the appropriate nutrition for the bird. Other seeds do not have the same vitamins and minerals.