Feeding Schedule for 4-Week Old Puppies

A four-week-old puppy is still much too young to be taken from its mother. But sometimes, circumstances will require you to feed the puppy yourself. Sometimes a mother will stop nursing a puppy, or the mother may die, leaving the puppies without a source of food. When this happens, you will have to feed the puppy by hand with a powdered milk substitute for puppies.


Morning Schedule

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Puppies east many times during the day. Stick to a schedule.
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A four-week-old puppy would naturally nurse several times a day. You should try to approximate this nursing schedule by feeding the puppy a milk replacer formula three or four times a day, along with some solid food. In the morning, try to get up a little early to feed the puppy, since it will be hungry from sleeping through the night. If your solid food is dry puppy food, not canned, try mixing it with a little warm water to encourage the puppy to eat it.

Afternoon Schedule

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Stay at home or arrange someone to feed the puppy regularly
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If you are taking care of a four-week-old puppy, stay home with it every day or arrange for someone to come in the afternoon to feed it. A four-week-old puppy should eat once or twice during the afternoon. For instance, you could feed it at eleven o'clock, then again at two or three o'clock. Give it a little more solid food at this time.

Evening And Night Schedule

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Feed the puppy a little more solid food in the evening
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Feed the puppy more formula and a little more solid food in the evening. At four weeks old, the puppy should be able to get through the night without a night feeding, but sleep where you can hear the puppy clearly if it wakes up. Make sure the puppy has water. By the end of the week, you should feed the puppy less formula and more solid food, because most puppies can be weaned at five weeks of age.

Formula Preparation

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Schedule the mixing of the food to match the feeding schedule
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Your schedule for mixing a four-week-old puppy's formula should match the feeding schedule. This means that instead of mixing the formula in a large batch at the beginning of the day, mix the milk replacer just before you feed the puppy. When feeding, offer the puppy solid food first. If you give it formula first, its hunger may be satisfied and it will turn away the solid food.