How to Give Children's Tylenol to Dogs

As a dog owner, the comfort of your dog is likely very important to you. When your dog is in pain, one quick method of relief sometimes recommended by veterinarians is children's Tylenol. However, in 2009 the ASPCA reported over 45,000 cases of dog poisoning due to human medicines, many of them over-the-counter products. Debate rages in the veterinary world over whether Tylenol or other acetaminophen products are safe for pets. For this reason it is important to speak with a trusted veterinarian before giving your dog Tylenol.


Step 1

Weigh your dog on a household scale. If one is not available or if you have a small dog that is too lightweight to register on the scale, estimate its weight as best you can. The standard canine dose is 5 to 10 mg of children's Tylenol for every pound of body weight, taken no more than three times a day. If the dose is in the form of liquid infant Tylenol, be aware that 1.0 ml of liquid measured with the included dropper equals 80 mg of acetaminophen. If you are administering a tablet, you will likely need to break it down to a suitable size.

Step 2

Hide a Tylenol tablet in a treat, peanut butter or anything else your dog will consume. Some dogs will take the medicine if you drop the tablet in the back of the mouth, near the throat. Then close the dog's mouth and stroke the throat downward until the dog swallows.

Step 3

Watch your dog carefully for any new symptoms. Because Tylenol can be toxic to dogs, contact a veterinarian immediately if your dog starts acting strangely.