How to Give Klonopin to Cats

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How to Give Klonopin to Cats
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You can trick your cat into taking Klonopin in a tasty treat so as not to cause more anxiety than he already feels from feline hyperesthesia, or rolling skin syndrome.


Commercial Feline Pill Treats

The easiest method to give your cat his medication is to place it in a commercial treat that molds around the pill and disguises it as a treat. The pill holders are sticky to make it difficult for your kitty to separate it from the pill and spit the pill out.

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Homemade Pill Holders

Form some canned cat food into tiny balls a bit larger than the Klonopin. Insert the pill into one ball and form the cat food around it. Ask your cat if he wants a treat and offer him one ball without the pill and in quick succession, give him the ball with the pill, then one more without a pill. Giving him one more ball after the one with the pill allows the taste of the pill to be removed from his mouth if he had a small taste of Klonopin.


Direct Pilling

If your cat is not used to taking medications directly by mouth, wrap his body and legs in a towel to protect yourself from his claws. Place one forefinger and thumb on each side of your cat's face from above his head and just behind his whiskers. Apply very gentle pressure to entice your cat to open his mouth. As soon as his mouth opens, press down gently on his lower jaw and place the Klonopin on the back of his tongue. Close your cat's mouth and massage his throat to encourage him to swallow the pill. When your cat licks his nose, he has swallowed the pill. Give your feline friend about a teaspoon of water from a syringe to wash the pill to his stomach.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.



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