How to Give up Your Dog to the Humane Society

Many people need to give up their dogs for a variety of reasons. In some cases, a person may become ill and cannot take care of their dog any longer or an owner can no longer afford to feed the dog and pay vet bills. Some dogs develop a chronic illness that makes it difficult for the owner to care for then. Some owners need to move to a place that doesn't allow dogs. The Humane Society is a national organization that accepts dogs and other animals that their owners can no longer keep. However, giving up your dog to the Humane Society involves more than just dropping your dog off at the nearest Humane Society location.


Step 1

Locate the nearest Humane Society in your area. Check out the Humane Society website for your state.

Step 2

Call the Humane Society to set up an appointment. Most Humane Societies do not allow you to simply walk in to give up your animal. Be prepared to wait a few weeks to get an appointment.

Step 3

Fill out the questionnaire available online. The form asks about age, sex, health and personality of the dog as well as other vital information.

Step 4

Get copies of all the dog's veterinary records. The Humane Society wants to see a history of the dog's health in addition to vaccinations.

Step 5

Groom the dog before the interview. Give the dog a bath and trim his nails.

Step 6

Go to the Humane Society on the day of the appointment with your dog and his medical records. The staff will ask you questions, examine the dog, and assess his temperament.

Step 7

Pay the requested donation. Most Humane Societies request a donation of up to $100 depending on the pet. If money is a problem, pay what you can. Some Humane Society locations accept unopened dog food and other reusable items like grooming tools.

Step 8

Leave your dog with the Humane Society knowing that the staff will do their best to find your dog a good, new home.