Goldendoodle Hairstyles

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Goldendoodle Hairstyles
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The goldendoodle is a breed obtained by crossing a golden retriever and a poodle. The grooming needs differ from dog to dog, but typically goldendoodles shed less than retrievers. The quality of the coat is variable and may be curly, straight or anything in between. Goldendoodles can sport several hairstyles, from puppy cuts suitable for all dog breeds to styles specific for poodles.


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Puppy Cut

The puppy cut, also known as the teddy cut, is suitable for all dog breeds and is a practical trimming style. Your goldendoodle will look like a teddy bear because the the coat that covers the body is trimmed short and the hair on the head is left at its regular length. Groomers typically trim an upside-down V shape on the face, starting from the area between the eyes and down to the nose. The puppy cut style doesn't require extensive grooming, but you should brush the hair on the head on a weekly basis to remove debris and foreign matter.

Short Style

If you don't have time to groom your goldendoodle, opt for a short trim. This hairstyle involves clipping the hair to one or two inches long on the body and face. Goldendoodle World website advises against shaving your goldendoodle completely, because the coat protects the dog from extreme heat or cold. If your pet has a short coat, the grooming is more manageable and you don't need detangler and other hair products.


Long Hairstyle

Leave the hair on you goldendoodle to its full length, especially if it is curly and has an appealing texture. Trim only around the eyes, the front and back of the paws and the anal area for hygiene purposes. The main problem with long-coated goldendoodles is that the hair is prone to matting, so you will have to spend some time grooming your pet. Typically, goldendoodles require at least one thorough brushing a week, but if you notice that the brushing is problematic and tangles form within a week, you should brush your pet more frequently.

Poodle Styles

Being a poodle hybrid, the goldendoodle may get poodle hairstyles. The continental and the English saddle cuts are show cuts for poodles and involve trimming the hair that covers the face, throat, feet and the base of the tail, leaving the rest of the hair long. Groomers leave a puff of hair at the end of the tail and the base of each foot. The two cuts are similar, but differ in only one aspect: The continental cut involves shaving the hindquarters completely, while the English saddle clip involves only trimming the hair short in this area. The sporting clip poodles wear in shows may also be applied to goldendoodles. This clip is similar to the puppy cut, but the hair is left to full length on the legs.