How to build a great escape proof dog fence

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Things You'll Need

  • 25 or 50 foot measuring tape

  • 2 steel posts for each fence panel

  • steel post pounder and strong arms

  • fencing panels, (dog fencing)

  • wire and wire cutters


you can overlap fence panels if necessary, or cut them with fence cutters When you want to enter the fence, just unwire one of the panels and bend back to get the mower through, it is not necessary to put in a gate if your fence back right up to your back door, or if you want to let your animals in or out of the fence you can just use bucket clips to fasten two panels together, and let your dog in or out that way by unclipping the fence panel and pulling it open a bit


this fence can be undone by strangers, but if you wire it tightly it is going to take awhile! the panels are heavy, you will need help to get them placed and to get your steel posts pounded if you are a "lightweight" like me

The panels are easy to wire to a steel post or you can use zip ties

Good fences make good neighbors. Good fences should keep other dogs out and keep your dogs in! Good fences also should be relatively inexpensive, and EASY to install if at all possible. Thanks to the wonders of modern day fencing technology, there is a solution to all of these in this article.


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Step 1

Measure the length of your yard

Step 2

go buy the number of panels you will need and the number of posts

Step 3

mark out on the ground where you want to put your fence


Step 4

pound a steel post every 8 feet

Step 5

The photo shows how the panels are easy to set up against the posts

put your fence panels up against the posts, zip tie or wire each one to the post