How to Groom a Cavachon

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The cavachon, also known as bichalier, is a crossbreed between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Bichon Frise. The coat of cavachons is soft, wavy, and of medium length, and this breed is known to shed less than other canines. Regular brushing and hair clipping is essential for keeping the coat healthy and shiny. Cavachon grooming styles include teddy bear or puppy haircuts. Their grooming process must include regular ear cleanings as this toy breed is prone to ear infections. Dental hygiene should also be included in the daily routine, to prevent periodontal disease.


The cavachon, also known as bichalier, is a crossbreed between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Bichon Frise.
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Step 1: Relax cavachons before grooming session

Start the grooming session with a gentle massage to relax your pet. While performing the massage, check for flea bites. Cavachon dogs are particularly sensitive to flea bites, so you may notice skin irritation and swelling if fleas are present. Watch out for scratches or lumps under the skin. Contact your veterinarian if you find fleas, lumps, or other bugs while you massage your dog.


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Step 2: Gently brush dog's fur

Slowly brush your dog's fur with a soft brush to eliminate any loose hair and prevent tangling. Start with your cavachon's head, and work your way down their body, skipping any tangled and matted sections. Perform the brushing two or three times per week or at least on a weekly basis. Brush your dog more frequently during shedding season. If your canine companion is having a hard time standing still for you, try holding a treat in front of them and feeding them small pieces intermittently. If you need to take breaks during the brushing process, that's okay!


Step 3: Comb and clip tangled fur

Use a metal comb if your pet has any tangles. Clip any matted fur that cannot be disentangled.

Step 4: Create a cavachon hairstyle

Clip your dog's hair regularly using a pair of scissors. The most common haircut style for cavachons is the "puppy style," which involves cutting the hair on the dog's body short and leaving the hair on the face and tail longer. For a teddy bear cut, cavachon's hair needs to be cut to one to two inches evenly across their entire body.


Regardless of the cavachon grooming styles you choose to use, make sure you trim the hair around their eyes short regularly so your canine can see without interference.

If you prefer not to craft your own cavachon hairstyles at home, visit a professional groomer every two to three months.


Step 5: Trim your cavachon's nails

Use canine nail clippers or guillotine-type trimmers to trim the cavachon's nails. The color of nails depends on the color of the surrounding coat. In dogs with light-colored coats, the quick is pink and can be distinguished from the rest of the nail. Cut just above the quick. In dark-coated pets, the quick is not visible, so cut several smaller pieces until you see an oval that is pink or gray on the surface of the nail you cut.


If you prefer not to craft your own cavachon hairstyles at home, visit a professional groomer every two to three months.
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If you cut into the quick of the nails, the dog will bleed. Stop the bleeding using a styptic pencil containing silver nitrate. If you cannot stop the bleeding, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.



Step 6: Brush cavachon teeth daily

Brush your dog's teeth daily to prevent early tooth decay and periodontal disease. Use a canine toothbrush and buy liver or meat-flavored dog toothpaste.

Step 7: Clean your cavachon's eyes

Cavachons, like all small breeds, are prone to eye problems like ulcers and dry eyes. Clean underneath their eyes with a warm wet washcloth regularly. Check their eyes daily to ensure there's no debris, and to make sure their hair hasn't overgrown into their line of sight.


Step 8: Clean your cavachon's ears

Clean the dog's ears to prevent the excessive buildup of earwax and ear infections. Use an ear dropper and a saline solution. Insert a few drops of saline solution in the dog's ears and massage the ear area, allowing the dog to shake his head afterward.

Step 9: Bathe cavachons when needed

Bathe cavachons when needed.
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Bathe your cavachon as needed with a veterinarian-approved dog shampoo. Use a warm washcloth and massage their body in a bathtub or sink. Allow your dog to shake throughout the process.



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