How to Groom a Goldendoodle in the Face

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Goldendoodles, a mix of golden retrievers and poodles, need regular grooming to manage the thick, curly mane that tends to grow out around the face. As there is no breed standard for goldendoodles, there is some variation in the type of fur they tend to grow and the accepted style for the breed. There are some general guidelines for goldendoodle grooming and keeping the long beards, thick eyebrows, and ear hairs trimmed and neat.


With the right tools and plenty of patience, you can groom your dog at home or you can take her to a groomer for a professional cut. A groomer will ask what look you want, so check out online goldendoodle galleries before your appointment to get an idea of different looks for your pet.


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Prepare the area

Prepare the area and your tools before getting started. Some energetic pups may just be too impatient to sit still for long, so this helps set you up for success. Keep in mind that rough brushing and yanking on tangles is painful and may make your dog dread the grooming process. Keep treats handy to reward good behavior and stay calm and patient to make grooming enjoyable for your pup.


Bathe your goldendoodle

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The first step in goldendoodle grooming is to brush out any tangles and mats in your dog's coat. Wetting and washing a tangled coat can make knots worse, so don't skip this step. Bathe your goldendoodle with dog shampoo and conditioner. Be sure to fully rinse your dog to avoid skin irritation.


Towel dry the hair to remove excess water. Avoid rubbing, which can create more tangles and mats. Allow your pet to air-dry. Alternatively, you can use a blow dryer set to a cool setting to speed up the process.

Brush and comb the fur

Brush your dog again to remove all of the tangles. You can use a slicker brush on the body, but a comb may be better for the sensitive face. Brush from the brow back over the top of the head. When brushing the ears, hold the bottom edge of the ear and comb out the long hair first. Work gently to remove tangles and avoid scratching your pup's sensitive skin. Then, hold the muzzle and gently brush the sides of the muzzle and underneath the chin.



Trim the fur

Trim and clip the hair on your dog's face. You can keep the hair longer or shorter to achieve a look you like for your dog. Use grooming scissors with a blunt tip and a comb to trim the top of your dog's head to the desired length and so that the fur on the head blends into the fur on the neck and back.


Cutting goldendoodle face hairs

Attach a one-inch comb attachment to your clippers. Run the clippers through the fur on each side of the cheeks. Then, clip the chin, neck, and chest using the same attachment. You can continue to clip the body if needed. Use a comb and grooming scissors to clean up the beard so it has a neat appearance. Trim the eyebrows and fur between the eyes so that the hair isn't falling into your dog's eyes and obstructing his view.


Trim and clean the ears

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Trim the bottom edge of the ear hair with scissors to shorten the hair and remove any stray strands. You can cut straight across or follow the line of the ear depending on the look you want to achieve. Make sure you don't cut the skin of the ear or cut the fur too short. Wipe the inside of your dog's ears with a damp cloth or a cotton ball and mineral oil.



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