How to Groom a Goldendoodle in the Face

Perez Hilton's "Teddy" shows off a longer, rugged mane on the red carpet.

With both golden retriever and poodle breeding, goldendoodles have a thick, curly mane that tends to grow out around the face. With long beards, thick eyebrow and ear hair, the goldendoodle requires trimming to maintain neatness and remove stains on its fair hair. With clippers and trimming shears, you can safely groom your goldendoodle's face. Groomers tend to ask pet owners what type of look they want to create for the pet, so check out online goldendoodle galleries to get an idea of different looks for your pet.

Step 1

Bathe your goldendoodle before grooming. Allow your pet to air dry or blow dry it on cool setting to speed along the process. Press and hold a towel to the hair, rather than rubbing, which tends to create mats.

Step 2

Brush from the base of your goldendoodle's neck and spine up to the base of the skull. Stop brushing at the top of the head.

Step 3

Hold the bottom edge of one ear and brush out the longer hair first. When brushing the ear, work gently and slowly to avoid brush burn. Brush out the other ear in the same manner.

Step 4

Brush from the brow back over the top of the head. Once finished, hold the muzzle of your dog gently and brush the sides of the muzzle and underneath the chin.

Step 5

Clip the hair on the top of the head to 2 inches away from the skin. Blend down the back of the neck with trimming sheers.

Step 6

Trim the beard around the muzzle to remove unsightly stains and keep it neat. The length depends on your goldendoodle's style. Groomers typically trim the bear to be an inch past the bottom of the jaw.

Step 7

Trim the eyebrows to maintain neat yet thick hair that does not fall into the eyes.

Step 8

Trim the bottom edge of the ear hair to remove any stray strands. Keep hair about a half to an inch long from the skin on the ear. Brush straight with a comb and avoid fluffing unless you want more of a poodle look.