How to Groom Maltipoo Dogs

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Are you wondering how to groom a groom a Maltipoo? The Maltipoo breed is a mix of the Maltese and the poodle. These dogs have thick, fluffy coats with a wavy texture. This gives the Maltipoo a unique set of grooming needs. While Maltipoos don't shed, their coats can get matted and dirty over time if you don't trim correctly.


Groom your Maltipoo regularly to help him stay happy and healthy.
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Many Maltipoo owners choose to pay for a professional groomer, but there's no need to shell out the cash. Learn how to cut a Maltipoo's hair, trim his nails, and complete all of his grooming needs.

Brushing a Maltipoo

To prevent mats and tangles, brush your Maltipoo as close to every day as possible. A slicker or pin brush will work well for this breed's coat. Your Maltipoo should be brushed in the direction of her fur using long, smooth strokes. Don't forget to also brush beneath your dog's chin, legs, and belly. This will ensure that dirt and dead hair are removed from the entire coat.


Giving a Maltipoo a bath

Maltipoos need a bath a minimum of once a month. If your dog gets dirty more often, weekly baths could help. Use a dog shampoo and follow the instructions on the bottle. Maltipoos also need conditioner since their coat gets easily tangled. Leave in the conditioner for a few minutes before rinsing it off.

Maltipoos sometimes get tear stains — dark marks around their eyes caused by the gunk that forms naturally. Since Malteses have shallow eye sockets, they're more prone to getting tear stains. Purchase a chemical-free dog tear stain remover and apply it around your dog's eyes every day. You can also prevent future tear stains and eye irritation by using wet wipes to gently clean around each eye.


You can cut your Maltipoo’s hair at home.
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How to cut a Maltipoo’s hair

How do you give a Maltipoo a haircut? While the process takes some time, it isn't as difficult as you might think. You can cut your Maltipoo's hair at home using trimming shears and a dog hair electric trimmer. Take the trimming shears and cut off any hair around your Maltipoo's eyes so she'll be able to see clearly.


Use the electric trimmer to trim the Maltipoo's fur. Cut the fur around your dog's body to 1/2 inch. When you get to the legs, cut to 3/4 inch. This helps to keep the hair neat, and it prevents excess matting.

Brushing Maltipoo teeth

In addition to giving your Maltipoo a bath and trimming his coat, you'll need to brush your dog's teeth multiple times a week. Tooth brushing is important for dogs because it helps remove and prevent the buildup of tartar and bacteria, which can lead to medical problems down the road.


Purchase a toothbrush and toothpaste that are both specifically made for dogs. Lift your dog's lips and gently open his mouth. Then, brush along the outside of the dog's teeth. It may take some time for your dog to become accustomed to tooth brushing. Be patient with your Maltipoo as you slowly work up to brushing his teeth multiple times throughout the week.

How to trim Maltipoo nails

If you can hear your dog’s toenails clicking against the floor when she walks, it’s time for a trim.
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The last step in the process of how to groom a Maltipoo is trimming your dog's nails. If you can hear your dog's toenails clicking against the floor when she walks, it's time for a trim. Hold your Maltipoo securely and use dog nail clippers to cut just the tip of the nail.


Make sure you don't hit the quick (the light-pink-colored portion of the nail above the claw — it's past the curve of the nail). Long nails can cause problems for your dog, so don't skip this important step in the Maltipoo grooming process.