How to Groom a Shih-Poo

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How to Groom a Shih-Poo
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Things You'll Need

  • Pin brush

  • Slicker comb

  • Mat rake

  • Scissors

  • Dog eye cleaner

  • Cotton balls

  • Dog ear cleaner

The shih-poo is a hybrid dog breed that is a cross between the shih tzu and the poodle. These dogs are small and their coat can be long and straight, like the shih tzu, or short and curly, like the poodle, or something in the middle. Although these dogs do not typically shed very much, their coats do require regular grooming. Brush the dog's coat at least once a week to remove dead hair and any tangles that might have formed and perform more extensive grooming about once a month.


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Step 1

Brush your shih-poo at least once a week. Use a pin brush with metal pins first to loosen dirt and dead hair. Next, use a slicker brush to remove the dead hair and debris that may have been left behind.

Step 2

Remove mats in the dog's hair by running a mat rake over it. If the mat rake cannot handle the mat, cut it away with a pair of scissors.


Step 3

Purchase a bottle of dog eye cleaner from a pet store. Both breeds that create a shih-poo are susceptible to eye problems, so keeping the eye area clean is important. Wet a cotton ball with the eye cleaner and rub it over the fur around the dog's eyes. If your dog is white, this will also help remove the dark stains that these dogs commonly get around their eyes.


Step 4

Purchase a bottle of dog ear cleaner from a pet store. These dogs have droopy ears and long fur surrounding their ears, so they can easily become infected. Wet a cotton ball with the cleaner and rub it inside the dog's ear. Do not go into the ear canal.