Grooming Ideas for a Shih-Poo

The shih-poo may have straight hair like a shih-tzu, but he may also have curly hair like a poodle.
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A shih-poo is a cross between a miniature poodle and a shih-tzu. Often referred to as a designer dog, the shih-poo is a small companion animal, weighing about seven to 20 pounds and possessing the best characteristics of both breeds. A shih-poo has hair instead of fur, which means less shedding, but also requires regular maintenance to keep the coat healthy. There are many grooming ideas for ways to clip your shih-poo's hair.


Depending on the dominant gene, the dog may have straight or curly hair.
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Depending on the dominant gene, the shih-poo's hair may be straight or curly. Regardless of the hair type, the shih-poo requires regular brushing to prevent painful matting and tangles, and also needs regular trips to the groomer. Tearing is a common problem in poodle mixes, in which the dog will develop reddish-brown stains beneath the eyes. To prevent these stains, regularly wipe beneath your dog's eyes with a gentle cloth. The shih-poo is also subject to ear infections; therefore, the ears must be carefully monitored, and the hair around the ears groomed to prevent infection.

Seasons and Cleanliness

Keep the dogs hair clipped short in the summer.
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The shih-poo does not have a high tolerance for temperature extremes. Keeping this in mind, clip your shih-poo's hair short in the summer, and let the hair grow longer in the winter. There is also an issue of cleanliness which is directly tied to your shih-poo's hair length. To prevent dirt, urine and fecal matter from soiling your dog's coat, keep his belly, hindquarters and genital areas shaved or clipped short. Short hair in these areas is hygienic and better for the dog.

Poodle Puppy Clip

A puppy clip can be done in the winter.
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Because the shih-poo is a small dog, and a member of the poodle family, the poodle puppy clip is one of the best clips for a shih-poo in the winter. If you choose the poodle puppy clip, the groomer will shave the hair around the face, neck, feet and base of the tail. The rest of the coat is left at a longer length. Traditionally, the groomer will leave a tuft of fur, also known as a pom-pom at the end of the tail. However, you can advise your groomer to shave the entire tail if your shih-poo has straight hair.

Lamb Clip

A lamb clip may be good in the summer.
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The lamb clip is the best cut for a shih-poo during the summer months. For this cut, the groomer will shave the dog's back, hind quarters, neck and stomach down to 1/4 inch.The rest of the dog is clipped with scissors so the remaining hair is short and clean. You can also talk to your groomer about adjusting the length of this cut so your shih-poo can wear the lamb clip through the spring and fall months.

Creative Clips

There are many creative cuts for poodle type dogs.
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There is no end to the creativity that you and your groomer can have when trimming your shih-poo's hair. A creative cut is one that does not follow any traditional pattern. As long as you follow the important guidelines for cleanliness and seasonal length, you can get as creative as you'd like.The most important thing is that your shih-poo is happy and comfortable.