How to Heal a Male Dog After Neutering

The dog neutering procedure is a fairly quick, simple operation that most dogs recover from quickly with a minimum of discomfort. The incision site is normally closed with dissolvable sutures that do not require removal. If your dog had any unusual complications, your vet will provide you with specific instructions, but typically your dog will require a very basic level of care.


Step 1

Walk your dog immediately upon returning home. A short walk is all that is necessary, just long enough for it to use the bathroom. Look for any signs of straining or blood in the urine, and alert your vet if this occurs.

Step 2

Keep your dog calm and in a quiet place. It has had a long day, and may still be feeling the effects of anesthesia. It will most likely sleep.

Step 3

Offer it small amounts of water. If it does not vomit, offer a small amount of dry food a couple of hours before bed. Many dogs will refuse to eat the first night, and that is perfectly normal. If its appetite does not return within 24 hours, notify your vet.

Step 4

Fasten the dog's E-collar around its neck before bed. It should be tight enough that the dog cannot slip out, but loose enough for it to swallow. You can leave it off when you are directly supervising the dog, but it should be on when you are asleep or away. The dog can damage its incision site very quickly if left to its own devices.

Step 5

Discourage exercise and energetic play for about seven days following surgery. Vigorous movement can put a strain on the sutures and cause irritation or pain.

Step 6

Keep the incision site dry, but do not clean it. Excess moisture can cause the suture material to dry prematurely, and non-sterile cleaning may introduce infectious agents.

Step 7

Monitor the incision site for unusual redness, bruising, swelling or pus. The way it looked the night of the surgery is the way it should continue to look. Check the incision twice daily, and if you notice any unusual appearance, notify your vet.

Step 8

Observe your dog for signs of pain or depression. The neuter surgery should cause some minor irritation, but not major pain, and most dogs should be almost back to normal within a couple of days. If your dog seems to feel worse than it should, notify your vet.

Step 9

Avoid bathing your dog for seven days after surgery, and do not have it groomed for a full two weeks. The incision must be fully healed before a grooming is performed to avoid possible infection.