Home Remedy for a Kitten With a Stuffy Nose

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Home Remedy for a Kitten With a Stuffy Nose
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A kitten with a stuffy nose should be taken to the vet promptly. She could have an upper respiratory infection. Until you can get in to see the doctor, a hot steam room and some gentle nose wiping can reduce her discomfort.


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Why Kittens Get Stuffy Noses

Your kitten may have a nasal irritation, allergies or an upper respiratory infection, resulting in a stuffy nose. The latter can be a cause for concern, because left untreated, infections in kittens can quickly lead to pneumonia, which can be deadly. While you're waiting to see the vet, make her more comfortable with home remedies.


Steam Treatment

Take your kitten into a bathroom and close the door. Run your shower on hot to create steam inside the room. Sit with your kitten and allow her to breathe the steamy air, which will help reduce congestion. Use a soft, damp cloth to gently wipe away mucus or discharge from your kitten's nose. Dab the end of her nose with a touch of petroleum jelly to relieve discomfort.



A vaporizer in a small room can have a similar effect as a hot shower.

Feed Aromatic Foods

When your kitten has a stuffy nose, she probably can't smell her food and may not have much of an appetite. Help her keep her strength up by heating moist cat foot so it smells appealing. Also monitor her fluid intake so she doesn't run the risk of becoming dehydrated. Make fresh water available to her at all times.


Avoid Irritants

Keep your cat away from tobacco smoke and indoor irritants such as cleaning products and room deodorants that could make her nasal irritation worse.

Keep Her Warm

Keep your kitten indoors, warm and free from drafts. Exposure to the elements could exacerbate her congestion and make her condition worse. See your vet as soon as you can and follow his recommendations for ongoing at-home treatment.


Bloody nasal discharge or labored breathing can be a sign of a medical emergency. Seek medical attention for your kitten right away.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.


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