Homemade Cat Shampoo

It is in a cat's nature to try to stay clean; cats spend many of their waking hours grooming themselves. In some cases, a cat may get an oily or sticky substance on her coat that she can't groom out herself, and she may need a bath. Making homemade dry or wet shampoo with natural products is an expensive method to help groom your feline friend.

Dry Shampoo

If your cat has short hair, you can make a dry shampoo to fluff and clean the feline's fur. Mix equal parts of oatmeal and corn meal and add a few tablespoons of baking soda. The oatmeal and cornmeal absorb oils from your cat's skin and fur, and the baking soda mitigates odors. If you want a shiny coat on your cat, add a few tablespoons of cornstarch to the dry shampoo mixture.

Using Dry Shampoo

Apply dry shampoo on your cat on your lawn, or in your garage, as some of the dry shampoo will fall onto the surface she is standing on. Brush your cat thoroughly to remove any loose debris in her coat. Rub the dry shampoo into your cat's fur and work it down onto her skin with a towel. Wait about 5 minutes, loving on your cat if she'll let you. Brush all traces of the homemade shampoo from her fur.

Wet Shampoo

Long-haired cats can benefit from baths to supplement their fastidious self-grooming schedule. Make your own wet shampoo for cats by mixing 1 cup of gentle dish soap with 1 cup of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar and 4 cups of water. Mix the ingredients well before use; store the excess in a sealed container. Do not add essential oils to wet cat shampoo. They can be harmful to your cat if she ingests them.

Using Wet Shampoo

Before shampooing your cat, prepare a bathing area by laying a rubber mat in the bottom of a sink. This ensures good footing and lessens a feline's fear of bathing. Fill the sink with about 4 inches of lukewarm water. After brushing your cat thoroughly to remove tangles and loose debris, put her in the sink and wet her thoroughly with a spray hose or pitcher of water. Massage the shampoo into her coat, working from her head to her tail, making certain to avoid her eyes, nose and ears. Rinse her thoroughly with a spray hose or pitcher of clean water. Dry her thoroughly with a large towel.

Additional Information

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