Recipe for Homemade No-Rinse Dog Shampoo

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Grooming is an important part of pet care. Bathing and shampooing a dog removes odors and dirt, resulting in a clean and pleasant-smelling pet. If a dog is difficult to bath, a no-rinse dog shampoo is an alternative. No-rinse shampoos are powders that are applied to the fur, left to absorb odor and dirt and then brushed off.


Recipes for Homemade No Rinse Dog Shampoo

No rinse-dog shampoo does not contain water or liquid ingredients, as the purpose of the shampoo is so the user does not have to wet the dog. A dry shampoo can be used as an alternative to a bath or as a treatment in between bathing to freshen a dog's coat. A basic no-rinse shampoo can be made from 1/2 cup of bran and 1/2 cup of cornmeal or oatmeal. The bran and oat or cornmeal should be finely ground. Using a half cup of each ingredient will produce enough dry shampoo to use on a medium-sized dog. Additional shampoo can be made for larger dogs by mixing equal parts of bran and cornmeal or oatmeal. Combine the two ingredients thoroughly and store the mixture in a container with a lid. An alternative recipe can be made with 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/4 cup rice flour and 1/4 cup cornstarch.


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Adding Scents

When creating a dry shampoo at home, you have the option of leaving the shampoo unscented or adding customized scents. A vanilla bean inserted into the mixture will impart a mild vanilla scent in the shampoo and onto the dog's coat when used. Essential oils can be used not only for their scent but also for other properties such as repelling insects. Mix three drops each of lemon, rosemary and thyme essential oils and five drops of citronella essential oil into the dry shampoo mix for a flea repellent shampoo.


Using No-Rinse Dog Shampoo

To use no-rinse dog shampoo, begin by testing a small patch of the dog's fur with the shampoo to check for allergic reactions. If the dog does not have an allergic reaction, proceed with the dry shampoo. Use a natural bristle brush to comb through the fur and remove any large debris or dirt from the coat. Apply the powder shampoo evenly by sprinkling it onto the fur one small section at a time. Rub the shampoo in with the brush or your fingers, and continue with each section until the entire coat has been covered. Allow the shampoo to absorb dirt and odors for 20 to 50 minutes. Finish the treatment by removing powder shampoo with a brush.



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