Ideas for Yorkie Haircuts

Yorkshire terriers, also known as Yorkies, are small, active dogs with coats that are naturally long and thick. While show dogs need to be kept long and groomed, pet Yorkies can have any cut their owners desire. The long coat of the Yorkie makes it adaptable to several different kinds of clips. Understanding the difference between the clips is a good way to make the right choice for your dog.


Puppy Cut

The puppy cut is the simplest cut a Yorkie can have, and is also the easiest to care for. With a puppy cut, the Yorkie's fur is shaved short, and the fur on the face is scissored short to allow for easier care. This style is also known as a "teddy bear cut," and is a good choice for dogs whose owners do not have the time for extensive grooming. This cut requires minimal regular grooming, but it requires regular touch-ups to continue looking its best.

Schnauzer Cut

The schnauzer cut is a Yorkie haircut in which all the fur on the body is cut short while the fur on the face and legs is left long. This striking look is very simple to accomplish, and gives the dog a very streamlined appearance. The fur on the face and legs need to be maintained to keep up a sleek, shiny look, but the fur on the body needs little maintenance. With a modified schnauzer cut, the fur on the body is cut very short, while a strip of fur remains running down the back.

Westie Cut

With a Westie cut, the dog's body fur is clipped short or even shaved, but the hair on the face is left long. This is a good choice for an owner who wants to maintain the dog's fur independently of a groomer. It allows the owner to maintain the dog's body fur, using a pair of clippers or a razor, without needing to clip the dog's face.

Long Cut

The long cut is required for Yorkies that are intended to be shown. The hair is left long and silky, though it may be trimmed to floor-length to allow the dog to move easily. The hair on top of the dog's head is tied back with one or two bows to allow the dog to see. The feet and the hair on the tips of the dog's ears may be trimmed to give the dog a neater appearance. Because the hair is left long with this cut, it requires a large amount of daily brushing and maintenance.