How to Install Dog House Roof Shingles

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How to Install Dog House Roof Shingles
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Building a dog house is a great way to provide security and warmth for your pet. If the dog house is going to be a visible fixture in your yard, it is important for it to look good too. Adding shingles to a dog house provides protection from the elements and can make the structure appear more attractive. Installing shingles on a dog house is a simple process that requires just a few tools.


Step 1

Measure the length and width of the roof to determine how many shingles you will need. Multiply the length times the width and divide the total square footage by 100 to find the number of bundles of shingles you will need to buy. One bundle of shingles should be enough for most dog houses, but it is a good idea to confirm how many you need before you head to the store.


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Step 2

Decide if you are using roofing felt. Roofing felt is used to keep moisture out and help keep the wood underneath the shingles dry. The felt comes in different thicknesses, but 15 lb felt is the least expensive and is the most common type used in roofing projects.

Step 3

Install roofing felt first (if you are using it). Run the paper up one side of the roof and down the other. Use a construction-grade staple gun to attach the roofing felt to the roof. Apply only enough staples to hold the paper down until you are ready to add the shingles.


Step 4

Run the first row of shingles upside down along the bottom edge of the roof, using short roofing nails to hold it in place. Start the next row of shingles directly on top of the first row (right-side up this time). Continue adding rows until the side of the roof is covered. Repeat this process on the opposite side of the roof, you will once again start with an upside down row of shingles on the bottom and continue with rows upward until the doghouse is completely covered.

Step 5

Cut shingle tabs off the shingle (the part of the shingle that looks like a flap) and nail them in place over the top of the roof (called capping the ridge) to prevent leaking.



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