How to Install Tetra Filter

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How to Install Tetra Filter
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Change your cartridge every month.

Unplug your filter before doing any maintenance to it.

Tetra filters are a very economical and an easy way to maintain the water quality of your freshwater fish tank.


These filters use three components to deliver the clearest water possible. These mechanics include mechanical, biological and chemical elements. The filter quietly pulls water from your tank filling the filter cartridge where loose debris and other wastes are captured. The ultraactivated carbon then absorbs the Impurities in your water, and the bio-foam helps to produce beneficial bacteria for your tank.


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Step 1

Remove the filter and all parts from the box. The box should contain the main unit, two suction cups and one filter cartridge. Attach the suction cups to the back of your main filter unit by firmly pressing and twisting the cups into the holes. When properly installed, the cups should fit snug into the back of the unit. If the suction cups are not sliding in, you may need to take your small screwdriver and gently push the ends of the cups into the holes.


Step 2

Install the filter cartridge into the main unit. Note that the front of the filter will be marked with the word "front."

It should slide into the unit easily. The top of the cartridge should be about even or slightly higher than the top of the main unit. When the cartridge is securely in place you are ready to install the main filter into your aquarium.


Step 3

Insert your main unit into your aquarium with the bottom of the unit submerged below the water line.

Firmly press on the filter to attach it to the glass wall of the aquarium. Run the power cord up and through the hood of your tank. Plug the unit into the power outlet and let it begin to work. Check the filter and the cartridge about every two weeks. Over time the carbon in the filter will wear down and will need to be replaced.


Step 4

Clean your filter on a regular basis. Keeping it free of debris, algae and other wastes in your tank will ensure that you are getting the maximum benefit from your filter. To clean your filter, simply take it apart and rinse it in fresh, distilled water. Assemble the filter again and place it back into your aquarium.


Step 5

Tetra filters are popular, and your local fish store will carry replacement cartridges for your unit. You'll want to keep a stock of the replacements and replace the filter cartridge about once a month. When selecting a Tetra filter, speak to your local fish-store professional. The size of your aquarium will determine which Tetra filter is right for you.



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