Instructions for Lime Sulfur Dips

By Nicole Fotheringham

Sulphur lime dips are used to treat a plethora of skin diseases on dogs and cats. Once a solution has been prepared, you can cover your dog in the dip for maximum effect. Cats can be sprayed using a hand spray bottle. Use a sponge when applying the solution to your pet's face to prevent the dip from getting in their eyes. Only apply the dip after diagnosis by a vet. Consult your vet if the animal displays any signs of allergic reaction.



Step 1

Put on your gloves. Mix 4 oz. of lime sulphur per gallon of water. Read instructions carefully before proceeding, as mixing instructions may vary from one product to another.

Step 2

Bath your pet and rinse shampoo off with warm water. Pour the entire gallon of lime sulphur over your dog. Work into the animal's fur. Use a sponge to treat areas on the dog's face. Do not get any solution into the dog's eyes.

Step 3

Allow to dry. Do not rinse the lime sulphur off. Apply every five to seven days as directed by your vet.


Step 4

Wear your gloves. Mix 8 oz. of lime sulphur concentrate with 1 gallon of water.

Step 5

Put the mixture in a hand spray bottle. For tame cats, spray the fur liberally and work the liquid in with your hands. If your cat resists application, spray through the mesh of a wire cage.

Step 6

Use the sponge to apply lime sulphur to the face. Do not get any solution in the cat's eyes.

Step 7

Allow the cat to dry. Do not rinse off. Apply twice weekly or as recommended by your vet.