How to Keep Diapers on a Dog

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Use diapers on your puppy only as a temporary solution until you train it to urinate outdoors. Change the diapers regularly, a few times per day to prevent bacteria buildup that may lead to urinary infections.

Senior incontinent dogs don't control their bladders and need diapers.

Dog diapers are recommended for puppies to avoid accidents in the house, dogs traveling for an extended period of time, female dogs in heat or senior dogs that have urinary incontinence. With diapers, you don't have to clean after your pet and you may also allow it to sit on the couch without worrying that your dog soils it. Certain dogs don't like wearing diapers and they try to remove them by dragging their body on the floor, rubbing against furniture or chewing and tearing the diaper. Train your pet to wear diapers using positive reinforcement and by discouraging it to chew or remove the diaper.


Step 1

Allow your dog to familiarize with the diaper. Place the diaper in front of the dog and allow it to sniff it or touch it. Put the diaper on the dog and reward your dog with a treat or kind words. Ensure the dog associates the placement of the diaper with a positive experience.

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Step 2

Ensure the diaper is comfortable and doesn't cause irritation on the dog's skin. Take a dog for a short walk and notice if the diaper causes any discomfort while walking. If the diaper is ill-fitting and it causes discomfort, the dog will want to remove it.


Step 3

Adjust the diaper after each meal to ensure it is not too tight. Typically, canine diapers have adjustable tabs. Readjust it to the initial position after the dog's digestion or elimination.

Step 4

Check regularly if the diaper needs changing. The dog may want to remove the diaper if it's wet and uneasy.


Step 5

Invest in diaper suspenders, which keeps the diaper in place.

Step 6

Keep your dog busy with games or toys, so that it won't get ideas to remove the diaper. Bored dogs tend to develop various destructive behaviors such as chewing objects or themselves and may also chew on the diaper or tear it.


Step 7

Distract the dog with a whistle, a noise-making device or by clapping if you see it attempt to chew on the diaper or remove it. Over time the dog learns to associate its actions with the unpleasant noise. This method is efficient if you are able to supervise your pet.

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