How to Kill Fleas With Sevin

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Sevin is a brand of insecticide that is effective against fleas as well as many other pests. Sevin is not for dogs, and you should keep your pets and children out of the area when applying the product. If fleas are a problem for your pets, treating your yard with Sevin can help get rid of these pests and keep your dog safe and healthy.


Sevin dust for fleas and liquid options

Sevin offers different insecticide options. All of the formulations are for controlling pests outdoors. Sevin dust is a ready-to-use product that contains the insecticide carbaryl. The liquid Sevin insect killer contains the insecticide zeta-cypermethrin. It is offered as both a ready-to-use spray or a concentrate that you will need to dilute according to the package instructions prior to use.

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Sevin is considered a broad-spectrum insecticide and kills many more pests than just fleas. The product is not absorbed by plants, and insects are killed after coming in contact with the insecticide.

Sevin application instructions

Prior to using Sevin insecticides, make sure to read the product label and follow all application instructions. When using Sevin dust for fleas, sprinkle the dry powder over the desired area. If you are applying it to grass, water the lawn prior to application.


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Sevin granules not only kill fleas and other insects but also protect your yard for up to three months after application. Use a drop spreader to apply the granules evenly to your yard and then water in the granules.


If you are using the spray bug killer, dilute the product according to package instructions if you are using the concentrate. Mix thoroughly before applying. Spray the insecticide to cover the area evenly.

Safety concerns and considerations

Take safety precautions to keep you and your pet safe when using insecticides. Keep your dog inside while you are applying the insecticide and be sure to wear protective clothing, including rubber or latex gloves. Do not apply it on windy days when the chemicals can blow into your face or areas you didn't intend to cover. Check the product label to determine whether it is safe to apply Sevin to your fruits and vegetables.


Sevin dust is not for indoor use nor should it be applied to your dog. Keep your dog out of the yard until the Sevin powder for fleas has fully settled after application. For the other Sevin insecticides, pets can return to the yard when the product has fully dried.


Other flea prevention tips

Sevin products can kill fleas living in your yard but be sure to take steps to maintain your yard and prevent future flea infestations. Fleas prefer shade and moist conditions. Keep the grass mowed, rake up debris, and avoid overwatering to make your grass inhospitable to fleas.


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Fleas may enter your yard on the fur of local wildlife. Store food in an airtight container and keep the lids securely fastened on trash cans. Clean up piles of rocks and wood and position them away from your home.


Make sure to also treat your pet for fleas. While Sevin is not an appropriate product for this, you can obtain a flea preventative, such as a topical liquid or a flea collar. Depending on the climate where you live, you may need to use flea control year-round or seasonally when the pests may be active. Checking for fleas regularly when you groom and bathe your dog can ensure you catch and treat infestations early.



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