How to Let Your Dog Know You Love Him

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Just as you'd snuggle a baby, feed him, change his diapers, and sing him little ditties before bedtime, you can offer nearly the same care and attention to your pet. Dogs aren't human, of course, but these special creatures thrive in similar ways when you shower them with love. Your dog knows you love him since he probably shows you in several physical ways, from wagging his tail and dropping toys at your feet to nestling close to you on the couch.


You can offer nearly the same care and attention to your pet that you would to a person you were caring for.
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Train your dog well

Your dog wants to behave and please you with his mastery of tricks and commands. To accomplish this, sign up your pet for obedience training as soon as he's the right age or when you bring home an older rescue animal. A well-trained dog is happy and tired, which means he won't wander the house in a bored state looking for a table leg or TV remote to chew. Depending on the breed you own, you might look into special dog classes, like agility training, herding, or dock diving, as these next-level activities challenge your dog both mentally and physically.


Give your dog plenty of attention

Entering the house and flopping down to turn on the news isn't the best way to say hello to your pet or to show your love after several hours away. Instead, to give your affection, focus your full attention on his sweet face, gazing into his eyes and speaking to him softly about your day or about how cute he is.


Once you've greeted her, decide on a few other fun ways to spend time with your pup. You might lay on the floor with her and rub her belly or toss a ball in the backyard. Challenging toys that squeak or hold a tasty morsel inside are also smart ways to show love. A walk may be next, or you could head to the dog run so she can interact with her canine brothers and sisters.


See the vet to keep your pet healthy

Your pup's health matters a great deal, and even though he may balk at visiting the vet, by taking him there, you're showing you care deeply. Most dogs who romp in nature, including on the beach, in long grasses, and through the woods, are probably candidates for flea and tick medication. A vet can also help you microchip your dog so he doesn't get lost if he escapes your yard or the leash. By checking in with a doggie doc, you can learn which food is best for his breed, how many treats to offer, and which table scraps are fine to give — and which are not.


Keep your pet well-groomed

Bathing, brushing, clipping nails, and brushing your dog's teeth are a few more ways you can physically demonstrate love for your dog. Arm yourself with the proper supplies based on the type of dog you own and the learn how to wield each implement. Are you not sure if you're ready to brush a dog's (sort of sharp) teeth? Your vet can demonstrate a good technique. If your resources allow it, you might send your dog to a day spa once in a while for special grooming services as well as doggie day care, playtime, and more.


Offer healthy treats to your pet

Making your own dog food is a rather big endeavor, but whipping up homemade dog treats is a smaller way to offer something nutritious and delicious to your pet. The easiest way to treat your dog is to freeze a yummy liquid, like no-salt-added beef broth, in an ice cube tray. Cut-up fruit is also a welcome sweet treat, such as watermelon or cantaloupe. Are you feeling more ambitious in the kitchen? Mix frozen bananas and plain yogurt to freeze on a stick and then give one to your very good boy after a long play session.