Life Span of the Bichon Frise

A bichon frise on a leash.
Image Credit: ShotShare/iStock/Getty Images

The bichon frise might look like a fluffy powder puff or a child's favorite stuffed animal, but this breed is no frail or delicate flower. The bichon frise is a hardy dog with a longer-than-average life span, according to WebMD.

Health Concerns

The two main causes of death are cancer and old age. The diseases the bichon frise tends to get are not life-threatening ones. Common bichon frise health concerns are bladder stones and bladder infections, allergies, a knee that slides in and out of place, reactions to vaccinations -- such as hives or swelling -- and hip dysplasia.

Find a Reputable Breeder or Rescue Group

If you get your bichon frise from a reputable breeder, he can show you paperwork of the health clearances of the parents of the dog you are thinking about getting. Health clearances show that dogs have been cleared of certain conditions. Don't be afraid to save a bichon from a breed rescue group as well. The bichon typically lives 15 to 16 years or more.