Life Span of a Dwarf Hamster

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Life Span of a Dwarf Hamster
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The dwarf hamster is one of two primary types of hamsters: Syrian hamsters and Dwarf hamsters. Dwarf hamsters are the smaller variety of hamsters, and they are known for being more sociable. The two most common types of dwarf hamsters are Campbell's dwarf hamsters and Siberian dwarf hamsters. There are also Chinese dwarf hamsters and Roborovski or Robo dwarf hamsters. Each type of dwarf hamster has unique lifespan characteristics to consider.

Campbell's Dwarf Hamster

The average lifespan is between 1.5 years and two years.
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The average life span for the Campbell's dwarf hamster variety is between 1.5 years and two years.

Siberian Dwarf Hamster

A Siberian dwarf hamster can be expected to live 1.5 to two years.
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The average life span for the Siberian dwarf hamster variety is between 1.5 years and two years.


Roborovski Dwarf Hamster

A Robo dwarf hamster has the longest life span and is the smallest.
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The average life span for the Roborovski or Robo dwarf hamster is between three years and 3.5 years. The Roborovski hamster is the smallest of the dwarf hamster varieties. These dwarf hamsters are known for having the longest lifespan out of all varieties of dwarf hamsters.


Chinese Dwarf Hamster

A Chinese dwarf hamster lives two to three years.
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The average life span for the Chinese dwarf hamster is between two years and three years.

Increasing Lifespan

You can take measures to increase your hamsters lifespan.
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Dwarf hamsters in captivity do not live as long as their wild cousins. This is largely due to the diet of wild dwarf hamsters in comparison with domestic dwarf hamsters. When hamsters in captivity are fed properly, their lifespans can be elongated. Another way to increase the lifespan of a dwarf hamster in captivity is to give the hamster ample space for digging and running around. Adequate exercise is important to maintaining the longevity of all dwarf hamster varieties. A dwarf hamster with proper diet and exercise can be known to live for as many as four to five years with the proper conditions.