The Life Span of the French Bulldog

The French bulldog tends to be a mischievous, affectionate little dog, standing around a foot tall and weighing up to 28 pounds. He's a lively fellow, game to play or cuddle -- it's your choice. If all goes well and he's healthy, he can expect a life span somewhere between 9 and 11 years.

white and black french bulldog
The French bulldog's large ears enhance his clownish demeanor.
credit: Click_and_Photo/iStock/Getty Images

French Bulldog Health Concerns

Your Frenchie's cute little flat face -- known as brachycephalic -- makes your pup prone to brachycephalic airway syndrome. His face's bones and tissues are compressed, potentially causing breathing difficulties due to laryngeal collapse, narrowed nasal cavities or an elongated soft palate. You'll know if this is a problem for your dog if his breathing is labored after even a bit of exercise. To keep your French bulldog in prime health, avoid extreme heat and don't overdo it when it comes to exercise. In some cases, surgery helps free up his airflow. Other conditions the breed is vulnerable to include intervertebral disc disease, spinal malformations, intestinal malabsorption, patellar luxation and cataracts and other eye problems. A nutritional diet and regular vet checks will help him live a healthy, happy life.