Panacur for Dogs (Liquid): Dosage & Information

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Panacur, from Schering-Plough's Intervet division, is a medicine used to treat animals with respiratory and gastrointestinal infestations of parasites. Fenbendazole is the active ingredient in Panacur. Panacur is manufactured in strengths to treat large and small animals and has very few side effects. Panacur is effective in treating a wide range of parasites, including roundworms, hookworms, lungworms, and tapeworms. It's also effective against giardia infestations in puppies. Panacur works by killing adult and immature parasites.


Liquid Panacur Dosage for Dogs
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Panacur dosage for puppies

Roundworms in particular are a very common intestinal parasite in puppies (and kittens). Roundworm larvae are present in almost all adult dogs, and they can become active during pregnancy. They can transfer to the puppies in the womb or during nursing. Roundworms migrate from the blood through the lungs into the digestive tract. Puppies who aren't treated can develop pneumonia, become malnourished, and fail to thrive.


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Dosage of Panacur, or fenbendazole, depends on the environment of the puppy. Consult your veterinarian for the appropriate timing and dosage for puppies under 5 weeks old. Puppies should be treated on a regular basis, usually at 5 weeks, 8 weeks, and 12 weeks. Panacur is not labeled for use in dogs under 6 weeks of age. If deworming with Panacur, the drug information says the schedule is 6, 8, 10, 12 weeks. If pyrantel pamoate is used, deworming takes place at 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 weeks. So which dewormer is used depends on what the veterinarian and pet parent decide based on the puppies' situation.


If you've brought a new puppy home and they're not around other dogs, treating them for worms and gastrointestinal parasites every three to four months should be adequate. Most combination heartworm and flea medications also prevent internal parasites in dogs, so check all medications and ask your veterinarian what your puppy needs.


Administer Panacur liquid to puppies by mouth. If they're weaned, mix the liquid in their food right before they eat. Give puppies under 6 months 1 milliliter per 4.4 pounds of body weight if you are administering the 10-percent concentration liquid Panacur. The dosage for a 10-pound puppy, for instance, would be 2.27 ml. Dose your puppies once daily for three consecutive days. Medicine dosages are typically based on milligrams and milligrams per kilogram of body weight. Your veterinarian can help ensure you are giving the correct dosage based on your dog's body weight.


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Panacur dosage for adult dogs

For adults, Panacur comes in both liquid form and granules. The dose of Panacur for puppies or adult dogs is the same: 1ml per 4.4 pounds of body weight. However, the frequency of repeat dosing depends on what intestinal parasite is being treated. Consult your veterinarian for the dosing regimen they recommend based on your dog's body weight and environment.



Mix .227 mls of Panacur Small Animal 10-Percent Oral Suspension for every pound of your adult dog's body weight in their food before feeding or administer it by mouth after your pet has had a meal. Give only one dose.

Treat your dog whenever they're infested with parasites. Otherwise, ask your veterinarian about the most appropriate deworming schedule for your dog based on their lifestyle and environment. The more your dog is around many other dogs or in kennels, the more likely they will need to be treated regularly.


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Panacur dosage for pregnant dogs

Because it's so common for a pregnant dog to pass roundworms to her puppies, it's important to deworm them. This can reduce the chance of gastrointestinal parasites spreading to her litter. The dosage for pregnant bitches follows the same guidelines as for puppies or other adult dogs. The frequency and regimen varies due to many factors, including climate, parasites common in certain locations, and the environment of the pregnant dog.


Consult your veterinarian to discuss the recommended schedule of deworming during gestation. Treatment will usually start on the 40th day of her pregnancy and continue until briefly after she delivers.

Give her 1 milliliter of Panacur for every 4.4 pounds of body weight. For instance, the dosage for a dog weighing 30 pounds would be 7 milliliters. Mix the dose in her food right before she eats or administer it orally after she's eaten.

The bottom line

Panacur, or fenbendazole, is a safe and effective wormer for puppies, adult dogs, and pregnant dogs. Panacur kills hookworms, roundworms, lungworms, and tapeworms. It can also be used to treat giardia. Deworming puppies and pregnant bitches is especially important. Dosage will depend on formulation, age, and body weight of your dog.


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