List of Things a Pacman Frog Can Eat

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Pacman frogs have an appearance often considered comical and cute.

Pacman frogs, also known as horned frogs, are a unique breed with a large appetite. They make sluggish pets and cannot be handled often since they can absorb chemicals from your hands through their skin. These frogs are easy to care for, however, and can make interesting conversation pieces. They live for about six years and are often kept for the aesthetic qualities of their wide mouths and the colorful patterns that decorate their skin.



Pacman frogs can feed on many insets. Crickets are common fare. Small frogs need small crickets, but an adult pacman can easily consume a large cricket. Zoos often feed pacman cockroaches, again matching the size of the prey to the size of the frog and feeding baby roaches to young frogs. Release live insects into the frogs cage and it should rapidly trap them.


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Mealworms make an easy meal for pacman frogs. Zoos also feed these animals earthworms raised explicitly as feeder worms so they do not carry parasites. Like insects, live invertebrates can be placed directly into the cage.


Larger Animals

Adult pacman frogs satiate their voracious appetites with larger animals such as fish. Feeder goldfish and guppies are both popular choices among pacman owners. Dead pinky mice are another food source for the pacman frog. Place these in a small water dish in the frog's tank. Purchase frozen pinkies at your local pet store, thaw and offer them to the frog with rounded tongs. The frog should smell the food, recognize motion and snap up the mouse.


Feeding in Captivity

Give adults a large meal about once a week. A large meal consists of five crickets or five feeder fish. Other food items can supplement crickets or feeder fish as long as you match this quantity of food. Dust food with vitamin powder to keep frogs healthy.


Wild Food

In the wild, pacman frogs hunt certain foods not available in pet stores. While they will still eat insects, invertebrates, small fish and rodents, wild frogs will also consume lizards. Pacman frogs have been known to practice cannibalism, consuming other frogs, including horned frogs of similar species. For this reason always house pacman frogs separately.



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