How Long Do Puggles Live?

Small puggle on field
Image Credit: Scott Cornell/iStock/Getty Images

Known for their energy, intelligence and affectionate personality, puggles are a mixed-breed dog achieved by crossing a beagle with a pug. Steadily increasing in popularity since first introduced in the 1980s, with proper care and routine veterinary checkups, a healthy puggle can live anywhere from 12 to 14 years.

Health Factors

A variety of factors can impact a puggle's overall health and life expectancy. Genetically predisposed to the ailments that effect both beagles and pugs, puggles can suffer from seizures and respiratory issues. According to Vetstreet, puggles have a tendency to overeat and face obesity concerns, so providing your puggle with a nutritious diet will help maintain his weight and improve his overall health. Puggles also suffer ailments common among smaller breed dogs such as kneecap dislocation and dental problems. Despite these health concerns, puggles are generally healthy dogs, and regularly veterinary checkups can help treat many of these issues before they become serious concerns.