How to Lure a Snake Out of Hiding

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Snakes tend to hide in small spaces and reluctant to leave a good hiding spot.

Snakes are intelligent creatures that sometimes manage to escape even well-secured cages. Once a snake escapes, its first thought is to find a place to hide. Snakes love to hide in small spaces where they feel safe and secure, and tend to move along baseboards and walls to avoid being out in the open. The best way to find an escaped snake is to create a safe, inviting environment so the snake feels it is safe to leave its hiding spot.


Step 1

Lower the temperature in the room the snake is likely hiding in. Snakes can't regulate their own body temperature and need a source of warmth to stay warm. Lowering the temperature in the room will make the snake uncomfortable, and force the snake to leave its hiding spot and seek out warmth.


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Step 2

Place a source of warmth in the room. This can be a heating pad, heat lamps, electric blanket or even a regular desk lamp. The snake will sense the warmth coming from the spot and will leave its hiding place to investigate it.

Step 3

Leave food out in the open. Leave a dead mouse, rat or other type of food you normally feed your snake in a container in the room that the snake is hiding in. Even if the snake is not hungry, it will still leave its hiding spot to investigate the food.


Step 4

Search for the snake when it is most active. If your snake is nocturnal, you have a better chance of finding the snake when it is on the move during the night. If the snake is diurnal, or more active during the day, wait until the sun comes up to look for it.

Step 5

Remove things that might scare the snake. Snakes hide to avoid things they are afraid of. If your snake is afraid of loud noises, dogs, cats or children, keep these things out of the room the snake is hiding in. Create a safe environment where the snake doesn't feel threatened or in danger, so it is more willing to leave its hiding spot.


Step 6

Place the snake's cage on the floor with a heating mat underneath. The snake will recognize the cage as its home and will also be attracted to the heat of the mat. Placing the cage on the floor will put it at the snake's eye level so it can see the cage better.

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