How to Make a Dog Carrier Sling

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Wear the sling around the house before you use it outside. This helps your dog to get comfortable and helps ensure that the sling is sturdy enough to carry your dog.

Keep your dog close to you with a dog carrier sling

Small dogs have a difficult time walking long distances, so it helps if you can easily carry them. A dog carrier sling allows you to keep your pup warm and close to your body as you carry her. Best of all, it leaves your hands free. You can easily make a simple ring sling in order to carry your dog around town. A good sling should be able to hold a dog weighing up to 30 pounds.


Step 1

Measure your body for the sling. The size of the sling is related to the size of the person wearing the sling, rather than to the size of the dog. Using a tape measure, measure from your shoulder to your hip, across your body. Double this measurement and add an additional 25 inches. This is how much fabric you need for the sling.


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Step 2

Hem three sides of the fabric. Fold the fabric over twice, and hem the edges using your sewing machine. Leave one of the short sides open.

Step 3

Lay the fabric out and use an accordion-style fold to gather the open edge. Each fold should be about four inches wide. Use a basting stitch about one inch down to hold the folds together.


Step 4

Sew the raw edge of the sling. While still folded accordion-style, fold the raw edge down about half an inch and sew it down. This creates a finished edge for the sling and prevents fraying.

Step 5

Sew on the rings. Place the folded edge through both of the rings. Fold it down about five inches. Sew the fabric to create a casing for the rings. Reinforce this edge by sewing several times to ensure that it does not rip while you carry your dog.


Step 6

Try on the sling. To wear the sling, drape the edge with the rings over your shoulder. The rings should come to the top of your chest. Cross your back with the fabric and bring it up to the rings from the front. Thread the edge of the fabric through from the back of the rings, then pull the fabric through just one of the rings. Pull the sling tight and place your dog inside. Your dog should rest around your hip. Adjust the sling as necessary.

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