How to Make Dog Food for a Daschund

Dachshunds, or "wiener dogs," are easily identified by their characteristic shape. Popular pets, they are known to be fun and playful creatures who demonstrate an unquestioning loyalty to their owners. Though as a breed they are generally healthy, they can be prone to spinal problems. This is partially due to the dachshund's long vertebral column and partially due to the fact that they tend to gain weight easily---a situation that places additional strain upon the spine. To prevent this situation, it is crucial that your dachshund eat appropriate quantities of healthy food. Many brands of commercial dog food can be high in fat and low in protein, which can lead to overeating. Making the food yourself is a simple solution which can keep your dog at a healthy weight, ensure they receive adequate nutrition and ultimately add years to your dog's life. The formula below makes 16 cups of dog food, which can be customized to reflect your dachshund's personal preferences and can be easily stored in the freezer prior to use.


Step 1

Prepare the oats according to the package directions and set aside, allowing the cooked grain to cool slightly.

Step 2

Brown the ground meat lightly. It is not necessary to drain the excess oil, unless your dachshund is in need of a reduced-fat food.

Step 3

Combine all the listed ingredients in a large bowl. With a large spoon, mix until well blended. Vitamin A is optional, depending on your choice of vegetables, but Vitamin E should always be included because many dachshunds are prone to hair loss and an adequate amount of Vitamin E can help to prevent this.

Step 4

Measure ½-cup portions and place into freezer bags. Seal bags, squeezing as you seal to remove any excess air.

Step 5

Allow food to thaw in the refrigerator overnight or in the microwave prior to serving. Feed your dachshund 1 to 1½ cups of homemade food per day.