How to Make Dog Pajamas

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Dog pajamas are fun to make and provide a pet with extra warmth during cold weather. In materials ranging from cozy thermal knits to plush fleece, PJs can be tailored to your pooch's preferences and even adorned with decorative appliques or embroidery. Put your pet's comfort first and have fun with the style, playing with bright colors or dreamy prints.


Things you'll need:

  1. Sewing machine and thread
  2. Fabric
  3. Scissors
  4. Sewing pattern or measurements of the pet
  5. Straight pins and snaps


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  • Sew carefully and slowly to ensure you do not make mistakes.
  • Use very soft fabric for the pajamas or outfit so it is comfortable for your pet.
  • Watch your dog take a nap in the new PJs to ensure they aren't restricting his movement or breathing.


Step 1

Measure the pet for whom you will create an outfit. Get the width and length of the body of the pet. Not all dogs feel comfortable wearing clothing on their back legs, so consider whether you're making a jumpsuit-style piece or a versatile nightshirt without any restriction of the legs. If the outfit will cover the legs of the pet, measure the width and length of the pet's legs. You may also purchase a sewing pattern for pet clothes at a craft or sewing store.


Step 2

Go to a craft or sewing store to find fabric. Pick a soft fabric that will be comfortable against your pet's skin. Purchase fabric based on a pattern size or the measurements of your pet. Get a bit of extra fabric to ensure you will have enough material even if sewing mistakes occur. Also, purchase thread that matches the color of the fabric.



Step 3

Organize all items needed near the sewing machine so your project goes smoothly. Test the sewing machine on a scrap of fabric to ensure it is working properly.


Step 4

Cut out the fabric for the dog pajamas with a pattern or according to the measurements of your pet. Then, turn the fabric inside out and pin the two main pieces for the body of the outfit together with straight pins. Sew the body of the outfit together; when done sewing, carefully remove all of the straight pins.


Step 5:

Sew the legs of the pajamas if they will be used with the outfit. First, turn the fabric inside out and hold the seam shut with straight pins. Then, sew the seam for the leg and remove all of the straight pins. Attach the leg to the body of the outfit with sewing snaps. Continue on until you have sewn all four legs for the outfit. Attach all of the legs to the outfit with snaps. Iron the pajamas to eliminate wrinkles and to soften the fabric.


Things to keep in mind.

  • Carefully remove all straight pins after sewing the seams of the outfit.
  • If your pet appears to be annoyed by the outfit, remove it immediately.
  • Make sure there's breathing room at the neckline, and make sure the garment is fitted enough that your dog doesn't get tangled in material.



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