How to Make Dog Perfume Spray

It's not just upscale pet boutiques that carry pooch perfume alongside rhinestone collars and leopard print doggy sweaters. Canine perfume sprays can be found in the grooming department of most pet supply stores. It may seem like an extravagance, but spritzing Fritzi with a squirt of perfume can serve more than the purpose of freshening her scent. Colognes made with essential oils can have a calming effect to reduce stress or help fend off parasites. With some essential oils, water and a spray bottle you can custom make perfume for Fritzi that is natural and pet-friendly.


Step 1 Pour water into the bottle.


Pour 1 ounce of warm water into the spray bottle.

Step 2 Add essential oil.


Drop three to four drops of an essential oil into the spray bottle with the water.

Step 3 Add the lid.


Screw the spray lid into place on the bottle, making sure it's tight so it does not leak.

Step 4 Mix the liquids.


Shake the bottle briskly to combine the oil and water mixture before spraying on your dog.

Spray your dog.

For better results, brush your dogs fur to spread the mixture.