How to Make a Duck Harness

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure

  • 1 nylon 1-strap small-animal harness

  • Sharp-tipped marker

  • Scissors or seat belt cutter

  • Awl

  • Lighter


Make sure the duck is calm while working on this, because the in-progress harness needs to be fastened to the duck's neck for the step adjusting the harness' waist, and it is safest to keep the duck from walking around with straps hanging loose from its neck.

Make a one-strap duck harness in matter of minutes.
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A duck harness can be made with an attached diaper, or a basic one can be made from a small cat or dog harness made of nylon strap. These basic nylon strap duck harnesses are similar to parrot harnesses, and offer a way to keep a pet duck from wandering away when outside. The harnesses can be assembled faster than diaper harnesses, and put on the duck in a matter of minutes.


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Make an Easy Duck Harness

Step 1

Measure down the duck's chest from the base of the neck to just below the duck's wings.

Step 2

Confirm that the length of the harness' chest strap is within 2 inches of the measured length.


Step 3

Wrap the collar end of the harness around the duck's neck, without fastening it, and overlap the end with no buckle and the end with the buckle by 1-inch. Cut off the excess strap from the buckle-free end using the scissors or seat belt cutter.

Step 4

Mark the spot where the buckle clasp will poke through the cut end, then poke the tip of the awl through that spot.


Step 5

Burn the cut end with the lighter's flame, and quickly pass the hole poked with the awl over the fire. This keeps the cut nylon strands from fraying.

Step 6

Fasten the collar end of the harness around the duck's neck, then wrap the waist end of the harness around the duck's body near the base of its wings. Overlap the ends, mark the cutting line and hole.


Step 7

Take the harness off the duck. Cut the excess strap off and poke the awl through the spot marked for the hole. Burn the cut end and hole with the lighter's flame.

Step 8

Make sure the chest strap is centered on the duck's chest and back before clipping on the leash and taking the duck for a walk in its new harness.



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